Rupen Paul

Rupen Paul, the man in The Right Room, an enthusiastic blogger on Medium, a successful stand-up comedian who can make every generation laugh. Growing up listening to his Dad being a pastor, preach with great sense of humor, he elevated his level of humor beyond limits as years went on. He had a philanthropic start in his career by performing his first show for a social cause in 2014 and since then, he never looked back. He went on to perform more than 400 shows at almost every major city like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore, Bangalore and even Mysore. He has got an audience of over 1000 to laugh whole heartedly. He has been a major part of the Bangalore Comedy Festival. He has been exclusively featured on The Hindu and The Deccan Herald by doing what makes others as well as him happy. He generally prefers performing clean, personal and relatable comedy with a tinge of Indian appeal. His comedy isn’t just for millennials, he makes sure that every single person in the audience will have a good time, so he writes his material accordingly. The material for him are the decisions taken in life, the small ones, the large ones, the silly ones, the significant ones in his own life as well as others’ life. He has a full fledged successful podcast called “The Right Room” which he hosts and he has a YouTube channel with absolutely hilarious song parodies and brilliantly shot sketches, he also writes fantastically for multiple blogs. Receiving sweet messages on social media and people remembering him long after the shows are done, speaks strongly that he definitely does leave a lasting impression.