Suhas Navarathna

Suhas Navarathna, an alcohol and an applause addict using the stage as a medium for his addiction, not to get rid of it but to grow it to another level. He performed for the first time when he was 15 at Horlicks Whiz Kids and nailed the competition. Since then, he could never get out of it. He even tried his hand at engineering but comedy gravitated his heart back. He has been professionally performing for over 4 years having around 400 successful shows in major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Coimbatore, Bangalore and even Vellore. He being a true Bengalurian is one of the most loved comics out there. He has been featured exclusively on Deccan Chronicle and The Times of India for his work. He has entertained an audience of 1500 in just one show and he accomplished it with ease, making them laugh their hearts out. He has been a successful content writer at T.V.F. He has consistently performed at the Bangalore Comedy Festival and the Masala Mayhem Comedy Festival at Hyderabad. He being an alcoholic observationalist talks out of experience. All his jokes are based on real life experiences so relating to them will not be a problem at all (unless you’re a human, aren’t you?) He has had people thumping their knees at all the corporate shows he performed. The corporates absolutely love to have him as he goes all in, into whatever he does. He just loves the process of writing jokes and if there’s no content restriction, he just loves it even more.