Prasadh Bhat

Prasad Bhat, an encyclopedia of ecstatic experiences and the man behind Graphicurry, entertaining the world with his incredible caricatures and his incredible sense of humor. He loves music, drawing and standup comedy. Being extremely successful at all three of them, he has built a reputation for himself in every field he has worked in. He started off by playing in a metal band, he then got into drawing vector art, (BTW Graphicurry has over 39k followers on Instagram) he has amassed a huge fan following including extremely famous celebrities like SRK, Gary Vee ……etc., but he didn’t stop there, he kept experimenting new things. Believing that writing comedy is a good support system for the mind, he started off with it in 2016. Since then, he never looked back, he has been climbing the upward spiral of success, all by putting in the time and dedication necessary. He has performed 100s of extremely successful shows in a span of 2 years. He has been exclusively featured on The Times of India and What’s hot Bangalore. He has also been a part of the Bangalore Comedy Festival. But being a music artist, he has also performed for over 8000 loving fans at once. Without a shadow of doubt, he writes his sets based on music (metal in particular) and they are THE BEST. Having misery in his set and long hair on his head, he flirts with comedy to get that satisfaction from the applause breaks. His transition from a successful Rockstar to a successful comedian is one of a kind in this country. He usually performs honest, relatable comedy involving self-deprecation. According to him, if you have to be successful in any industry, you got to love what you do and go all in. He has been delivering amazing corporate shows. So, if you want a good laugh then he is THE MAN!